Cahaba Brewing Fry-Down Team

Cahaba Brewing stepped into the limelight in 2019 on their very first year to join Fry-Down and charmed the Birmingham community with their fun and flair - walking away with the Ken Bowen Team Spirit Award. Enjoy this vivacious group (and refreshing beer) that stole the heart Birmingham. 

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Team Members:

Kaci Janyga

Kayla Stinnett

Danielle Chamoun

Chef Lindsey Noto

Melissa Newton


Recipes & Ingredients:

Cahaba Brewing Cahaba Lager Pickle Recipe

Cahaba Brewing Spicy Fish Katsu Sandwich Ingredients


Cahaba Brewing Spicy Fish Katsu Fry Down Recipe

Cahaba Brewing Recipe

Cahaba Brewing Cahaba Lager Pickles Recipe


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