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Watch all of this year's Fry Teams compete via video and learn some new tips, tricks, and recipes! The team that raises the most funds will win the Champion of the Cahaba Award! Support your favorite team(s) with a donation of any amount before 11am on October 4, 2020, and you will get a FREE Fry-Down 2020 digital cookbook delivered to your inbox!

Tune in to for the daily program from 9/29 to 10/4 to enjoy wild, entertaining, adventurous and educational videos, leading up to our Virtual Judging and Awards Ceremony on October 4th at noon!


Amerex: Pan-fried Catfish with Peach Bourbon Reduction

Amerex has always had a flair for entertaining a crowd while impressing the judges with their unique dishes.  They've led the way for many years and have won NUMEROUS awards.  You won't wanna miss out on learning their secret to show-stopping, people-pleasing entrees that will have your mouth watering. Check out their video below to learn more and don't forget to vote!


Baugh Daybreakers: Ceviche and Spicy Limonade

A contender has arrived! Anyone who knows Cahaba River Society Board President Pam Baugh, knows that she's a competitor and when she steps on the scene she aims to win. This is her first time to participate and she's going ALL OUT and so is her family.!/login


Big Daddy 205: Swai Down South

Father-daughter duo Dwayne and Teah Thompson are cooking up a delicious batch of Swai Down South! This dynamic duo is cooking up a cajun feast featuring Big Daddy Bomb sauces and seasonings! Check out their video below and vote to help them win!


Cahaba Brewing & Chef Lindsey Noto: Pan-fried Catfish Katsu Sandwich

Cahaba Brewing stepped into the limelight in 2019 on their very first year to join Fry-Down and charmed the Birmingham community with their fun and flair - walking away with the Ken Bowen Team Spirit Award. Enjoy this vivacious group (and refreshing beer) that stole the heart Birmingham. 


Friends of Shades Creek: Aussie Gastronomy

Neil Ross of Friends of Shades Creek cooks some soul food Aussie-style for the #FryDown2020 Virtual Cooking Competition to benefit Cahaba River Society.!/login


Girl Scout Troop 26232 Cahaba Heights Elementary: Fish Tacos and Nachos


Highland Lake Team: Down Home Fried Fish

The Highland Lake Fry Team is celebrating 50 years of Alabama's fishing heritage as three generations catch and cook some fresh, local fish.

Check out their video below and vote to help them win!


Lhoist: Better than Fish Sticks! A kid-friendly fish dish

Lhoist is our 2020 Presenting Sponsor and an amazing winning team of the Miss Congeniality Award that cares about their community and the Cahaba. Jeremy Thompson and daughter Avery Thompson are cooking up their take on the classic fish & chips dish on behalf of Lhoist! Check out their video below and vote to help them win!


Pless Team: Rosemary-crusted Bass on a Firebox Stove

The Pless Family came with their game-faces on. This is their first time EVER to participate and they came to win. Check out their delicious entry and vote for them!

Pless Fry Down Team


Samford University Bulldogs for Biodiversity: Vegan Seafood Feast

Samford University "WOWed" the Birmingham community with their crowd-winning entry. As the 2019 Crowd Favorite Winner, you won't wanna miss out on learning their secret to a winning dish while. Check out their video below to learn more and don't forget to vote!

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Samford University Taste of NOLA: Blacked Catfish with Creole Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Easy Peach Cobbler

The only other team that could compete with a Samford University team would be.....ANOTHER AWESOME SAMFORD TEAM!

Stepping on the scene is...THE TASTE OF NOLA! This NEW team is led by Dr. Malia Fincher who ain't messin' around. She's kickin' it up a notch and ready to go head-to-head with the competition. You can help her take the lead by watching her awesome cooking entry and voting for her TODAY!

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Spire stepped on the scene and immediately stole the show their very first year of Fry-Down. As the 2018 Crowd Favorite Winner, you'll love watching them steal the show once again. Check out their video below to learn more and don't forget to vote!

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