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Amerex has always had a flair for entertaining a crowd while impressing the judges with their unique dishes.  They've led the way for many years and have won NUMEROUS awards.  You won't wanna miss out on learning their secret to show-stopping, people-pleasing entrees that will have your mouth watering. Check out their video below to learn more and don't forget to vote!

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Team Members:

Heath Posey

Danielle McDowell


Pan Fried Peach Bourbon Catfish

Catfish fillets drizzled with a peach bourbon reduction served on chorizo rice





Whole catfish fillets

Tablespoons coconut oil









Tablespoons paprika

Tablespoons garlic pepper

Tablespoons garlic salt

Whole ripe peaches

Tablespoons brown sugar

Oz of your favorite Bourbon

Oz chorizo

Cups brown rice


Dice 2 ripe peaches in a bowl to keep juices. Put the peaches with juices, brown sugar, and 2 oz of bourbon into a pot and bring to a slow simmer stirring often. Allow this to simmer while preparing and cooking the fish and rice. Boil the brown rice then brown chorizo in a pan, drain, and add to the cooked rice. Mix paprika, garlic pepper, garlic salt and spread onto the catfish fillets (both sides). Heat pan to medium / high heat with 3  tablespoons of coconut oil. Place seasoned fillets into the pan and cook until browned on both sides flipping every 2-3 minutes. Remove the peach reduction from heat and add the other 2 oz of bourbon while stirring. Plate the fillets on a bed of chorizo rice the drizzle with the peach bourbon reduction.

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