Friends of Shades Creek Fry-Down Team

Neil Ross of Friends of Shades Creek cooks some soul food Aussie-style for the #FryDown2020 Virtual Cooking Competition to benefit Cahaba River Society.


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Team Members:

Neil Ross--Master Chef for Friends of Shades Creek Fry-Down

Michelle Blackwood--President

Betsy Dobbins
Paul Freeman
Carol Hagood
Henry Hughes
Amber Kustos
James Lowery
Melonie McBrayer
Amy Milam
Hans Paul
Jane Ross
Phil Vander Kamp


Recipe & Ingredients:

Catfish & Crawfish Grits – Aussie Style
Fry-Down Recipe for Friends of Shades Creek by Neil Ross

Catfish fillet
Crawfish meat
Yellow organic grits
Coconut milk “silk”
White pepper
Coconut flour and Garbanzo flour (seasoned with any all-purpose seasoning)
Egg whites
1 egg
Planko bread crumbs
Mini bell peppers (assorted colors)
Pickled okra (Talk of Texas - hot)
Pickled asparagus (Del Destino)
Miniature cucumbers - optional
Peanut oil
White wine
Tapioca flour
Red pepper sauce

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