Join us for FISHY FRIDAY of #FryDown2020! Fry-Down is a celebration of the Cahaba and its fishing heritage. We love catching and cooking delicious fresh fish. For this reason, we believe it's critical that every angler be aware of whether a catch is safe to eat.

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Enjoy this  A Fisher's Right to Know teaser from Southern Exposure on Vimeo. Watch for the full film to premiere later this fall at a 10th anniversary celebration for our partners at Coosa Riverkeeper.

Fishers throughout Alabama depend on their rivers for food, recreation and a family pastime that goes back generations. But do fishermen and women -- and their families -- have a right to know which fish are safe to consume? Not currently in Alabama, the River State. Coosa Riverkeeper and other advocates are working to give fishers across the entire state that right.

Find Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories

Alabama Fish Guide Fish Consumption Advisories


Read Cahaba River Society's statement on fish consumption advisories in the Cahaba watershed.


How To Fillet A Fish

Learn how to prepare your catch for the pan with this fish filleting tutorial from Cahaba River Society member Jim Robertson.

Beer Battered Bass Recipe from Coosa Riverkeeper

This short video shows how to make Beer Battered Bass. This recipe is a healthy alternative to deep frying your fish. It shows a way to cook a delicious fish and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals that might be found in those fish. Some of the contaminants found in the fish tissue of Coosa River fish contain PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) which are fat soluble… meaning that it’s important to prepare fish in a way that allows the fat to drain away from the fish since that’s where the contaminants are stored in the fish to reduce your exposure.


Ask Cahaba River Society: What kinds of gamefish are in the Cahaba River?

Dr. Randy Haddock, Cahaba River Society Field Director, answers a question from Stuart, a young angler who lives along Shades Creek in Jefferson County who wants to know if there are shad, channel catfish, and smallmouth bass in the Cahaba River.


Cahaba River Biodiversity

Cahaba River Society Education Director Gordon Black explains why the Cahaba River is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in North America.

Entertainment Highlights

Our Fry-Down Festival is filled with exciting entertainment! Enjoy this snapshot of one of our favorite acts that you might see at the next in-person festival.

Magic City Disco

Magic City Disco dancers are always a crowd favorite at the Fry-Down festival celebrating the Cahaba River!

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