Team Pless Fry-Down Team

The Pless Family came with their game-faces on. This is their first time EVER to participate and they came to win. Check out their delicious entry and vote for them!

Pless Fry Down Team

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Team Members:

Robert Pless

Cece Pless


Recipe & Ingredients:

Rosemary Crusted Bass

on a firebox camp stove

4 Servings | 60m Prep Time | 70m Total Time

1-2 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary, minced
½ cup Corn Meal
½ tsp Powdered Mustard
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Filets of 2 Bass
1 Egg
2 Tbsp Milk
½ cup Butter
6 Stalks Swiss Chard
Micro Greens to garnish

Cahaba River Bass*
Local Eggs
Local or Organic Milk
Local Corn Meal
Local, Fresh Rosemary*
Powdered Mustard*
Salt and Pepper
Local or Organic Swiss Chard
Confetti Radish Mix Micros*
Red and Green Mustard Micros*

*Local and Herbed Dishes to

A nice way to kick things off is by mincing up some rosemary. Pop outside to that bush you have growing on the patio and get a couple‘o sprigs and give ‘em a quick rinse. I usually chop more than I’ll use because fresh rosemary can vary a lot in flavor and potency and I want to make sure I have enough for my recipe.

Now that your hands smell nice, it is a good time to filet your Bass. Make sure to save small tastes for your helpers* – they will ensure the freshness and quality of your fish.

Once prepared, the fish should be patted dry and left in a chilled place to await its next adventure.

Mixing the batter is easy. Add all of the dry ingredients (at the top of the list: rosemary, corn meal, powdered mustard, salt and pepper) to a bowl and mix well. The egg wash is also easy - simply lightly mix your egg. I like to use a little milk, but it is not required!

Whilst you were doing all of these things, I hope you did not forget to start a fire! You will want things to start heating up early on depending on how you are heating your pan. If you are putting a pan directly over a wood fire, for example, consider starting the fire before you filet the fish so that it is hot enough by the time you are ready to cook. In the case of a Firebox, they are very easy to start, increase heat, and maintain – definitely a handy camping stove for a gear nut!
Pass each filet through the egg wash and the dry batter mix and set aside. Melt butter in your lucky frying pan until it has just begun to change color and pops. Cooking with an open flame can be tricky to control heat, so make sure you have tongs and oven mitts available. Place the filets in the hot butter; listen to the butter dance! After 3-4 minutes, flip sides. They are done when they are glistening and golden.

Use the remaining flavorful butter to cook down some Chard. This is mostly for appearance, but the earthy flavor pairs beautifully with the mustard and rosemary. Garnish with micro greens: I like a spicy kick to bring out the mustard flavor – Grandview Farms grows a Confetti Radish and a Red and Green Mustard mix that partner wonderfully.
Consider other local dishes: herbed mushrooms in a white wine reduction, grilled okra, backyard figs with local herbed cheese and bacon – grilled, of course, a fresh cucumber salad with herbed cheese and a light vinaigrette. Our earth is abundant!

* Helpers: generally four-legged and furry, these assistants make great companions for fishing and cooking alike. Highly recommend.

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